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Taking Control of Urinary Incontinence

There is plenty women can do to control urinary incontinence, and most solutions don’t require medication. In fact, new guidelines on urinary incontinence urge doctors to recommend pill-free treatments first. These include Kegel exercises, bladder training, and weight loss and exercise. Here are several of the pill-free methods for fighting urinary incontinence

Exercises You Can Do at Home

For most people getting enough motivation to go to the gym can be hard.  And with the expense of membership and the time it takes to get there – it really wouldn’t take much more to convince someone to stay home and skip the whole thing all together.  Anxiety about leaks can be more than enough to push you over the edge.  But by skipping out on exercise, you are depriving yourself of something your body needs to stay healthy and strong.  Luckily you don’t need to have a gym membership to get the exercise you need.  Here are some things you can do to get exercise in your own home!

Little and Big Ways to Reduce Anxiety

As we all know, the stresses of life can be enough to deal with without the added worry of having an accident. This worry can often be the cause of or worsen feelings of anxiety in people with urinary incontinence (UI). Fortunately there are ways to help cope with these feelings. For some coping can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths. For others it may take a more long term plan. So we have listed a few ways to deal with your stresses – both big and small.

Stress Incontinence and Sex for Women

Just like any other activity that can put pressure on the bladder, sex can cause leakage in women with stress incontinence.  Because this is a particularly sensitive topic, many women feel uncomfortable talking to their doctors and even their partners about it.  

How to Learn to Accept Your Body

Between media pressures and our own insecurities, loving our bodies can be hard. When your body starts to get in the way of your everyday life, as it often can when you have symptoms of urinary incontinence, it can be even harder to accept one’s self. That is why we put together a list of ways to love your body just the way it is.

How to Exercise without the Leaks

Your doctor may have recommended that you get more exercise in order to help with your urinary incontinence (UI). But anxiety about having an accident, especially with stress incontinence, can make you feel like you are better off staying at home than hitting the gym. It feels like a cycle – you should be getting exercise to help your UI symptoms, but your symptoms prevent you from exercising and so nothing gets better. Here are some of the solutions we have come up with to help get you active and stay worry-free.

How to Perfect Your Kegel Routine

Kegel exercises can help reduce symptoms of and even cure some kinds of urinary incontinence and are helpful for both men and women. The basic kegel exercise can be done discreetly anywhere – your office, home, even while you are driving or watching TV.

Kid Friendly Activities That Won't Make You Spring A Leak

We know we don’t have to sell you on playing with your kids. If you’ve got ‘em, you know how much fun they can be. But with UI, it can be hard to keep up. Sometimes this causes parents with UI to pull away and miss out on quality time with their little ones. We came up with a few activities that you can do with your kids that are fun for them and don’t put so much pressure on your bladder. No one should have to miss out on fun with their family.

Cloth Diapers - Are They for You?

Whether it’s because of the environment or because of the costs of disposable incontinence products, many people are using cloth adult diapers as an alternative to disposable products. For many who use disposables and are considering switching, the research can be daunting. So we at did some research to get you started.