Cloth Diapers - Are They for You?

Cloth Diapers - Are They for You?


Whether it’s because of the environment or because of the costs of disposable incontinence products, many people are using cloth adult diapers as an alternative to disposable products. For many who use disposables and are considering switching, the research can be daunting. So we at did some research to get you started.


Cheaper - Depending on your type of incontinence, cloth diapers are very likely to save you money in the long run. The startup costs can be high, depending on the kind and quality of the adult diapers you choose, as you do need to buy enough to last a few days in between doing laundry. Consider how much you spend on disposable products in one month or one year though and compare that to the costs of cloth diapers. This will show you how long it will take before cloth diapers start saving you money. 

Good for the Environment - Think about how much space your disposable adult diapers take up in your garbage cans. You may even have a special can just for that part of your trash. All of that garbage goes to garbage dumps and takes a long time to decompose, which can be very bad for the environment. Using cloth diapers can greatly reduce your carbon footprint. 

Less rashes (?) - For some people, disposable products can cause rashes and other skin discomfort. On the other hand though, other people experience rashes more with cloth diapers. If you are switching to cloth for the first time, you should test out a few products before you invest in a larger supply. Different products work well for different people and you don’t want to buy a whole week’s worth of cloth adult diapers just to find out that the product you chose doesn’t agree with you.



Time Consuming - Depending on how many cloth diapers you buy, you may need to launder them often, sometimes as often as every few days. For many, this time commitment is too much. Depending on your lifestyle, you might also consider a mix of the two kinds to accommodate those weeks when you just don’t have time for laundry. 

Unpleasantness Factor - When choosing to switch to cloth diapers, you have to consider that doing this kind of laundry may be slightly unpleasant. If you do your own laundry, this might not be an issue, but if your spouse or someone else is responsible for the laundry, you may want to consult with them before you switch to cloth diapers. 

Inconvenient - If you are often on the go or like to change your products often, cloth diapers may be an inconvenience. You can, well, dispose of disposable diapers no matter where you are. If you are out and need to change your cloth diaper, you would need to then keep the soiled diaper with you for the rest of your outing. If this is only occasionally a problem for you, a mixture of cloth and disposables may be the right choice. That way you could wear disposables on days when you think you will be out for longer periods of time, but still get the benefits of cloth diapers on other days.



Weighing those pros and cons can be difficult, but when you’re deciding, focus on your life style. How often do you change your products? How much time can you dedicate to laundry? Your values - how much importance you place on money and the environment may also be a factor. Remember that every person’s situation is different and you should always make sure to make the best decision for your personal situation.