Kid Friendly Activities That Won't Make You Spring A Leak

Kid Friendly Activities That Won't Make You Spring A Leak
We know we don’t have to sell you on playing with your kids.  If you’ve got ‘em, you know how much fun they can be.  But with UI, it can be hard to keep up.  Sometimes this causes parents with UI to pull away and miss out on quality time with their little ones.  We came up with a few activities that you can do with your kids that are fun for them and don’t put so much pressure on your bladder.  No one should have to miss out on fun with their family.

Baking – Whether there is a bake sale coming up or not, baking is a fun activity to do with your kids that can double as feeding your family (try making muffins for a week of fresh baked breakfasts).  If your kids are reluctant to try baking with you, suggest that they make some cookies to take to their sleepover that weekend or remind them that what you bake, you can eat!  This activity has the added benefit of being inside the house so you always know where the bathroom is.  

family having a picnic in their backyardBackyard picnic – Going out to a park for a picnic can be hard.  Bathrooms are often scarce, and when you do find a bathroom it is likely to be a port-a-potty.  Take the bathroom problem out of the equation by hosting your picnic in your backyard.  For when it's hot - check out our post How to Enjoy Summer despite UI.

Board games – Board games are something you can get the whole family involved in, or even a few friends.  Make it an event with snacks and prizes for the winners!

Arts and crafts – Another fun indoor activity is arts and crafts!  You can paint pictures to decorate the house or create picture frames as gifts for friends or relatives.  The possibilities here are endless.  Do some research on Pinterest or craft blogs to get ideas about what to make.

Video games – Kids love video games, and you can play sitting down in an armchair.  Race your kids at Super Mario Kart.  You might enjoy it more than you think.

Play-do – For the little ones in the family, playing with clay can be an easy sit down activity that gets the creative juices flowing.  Make it a game to see who can guess what the other is making first, or just ‘play’ around.

mom doing a spa day and make over with daughterMake-overs and spa days – Stay in for a spa day with the girls.  Get into your bathrobes and relax.  Paint toe nails.  Indulge in facials (look out for products for sensitive skin for kids).  You can even mix a few mocktails to make it feel extra special.

Karaoke – Whether you’re musically gifted or not, everyone enjoys a good karaoke night.  Let your kids dress up and show off their inner-diva.  If your family is musically gifted, you can take this up a notch and have a family band.

Movie night – A classic family bonding activity, taking a night to stay in eat some popcorn and watch a movie is always fun.  Take turns picking the movie, or make that privilege the prize from game night.