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Loss of bladder control for any reason is often an embarrassing problem. If you are dealing with urinary incontinence, GladderBladder.com is your first stop for helpful tips, general information, and opportunities to participate in paid marketing research studies. From at home solutions to a lifestyle blog designed just for you, we have everything you need to get started toward controlling your incontinence today.

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How to Love and Accept Your Body

INSERT IMAGE TAGSNo matter what your scale says, being comfortable in your own skin is up to you. It can be tough, in a society that prizes unrealistic images. But it's possible, and it starts with what you say when you look in the mirror. Continue reading... →

Swimming with Incontinence

INSERT IMAGE TAGSWith summer just around the corner, the thought of having to manage incontinence at the beach or the pool has crossed your mind. Don't worry! We have some tips on swimming with incontinence.. Continue reading... →

Let's Talk about Sex...and Incontinence

INSERT IMAGE TAGSIt's bad enough having to worry about whether you're going to make it to the bathroom on time to avoid an accident. Continue reading... →

Managing Incontinence at Work

INSERT IMAGE TAGSTry to keep you bladder empty. If it's full, it is more likely to leak. Drink no more than 3 or 4 glasses of liquids at work, and limit caffeine, which makes your body produce more urine. Continue reading... →

How to Exercise without the Leaks

INSERT IMAGE TAGS It can decrease your risk and symptoms for a variety of different health problems and it makes us feel and even look better day to day. Continue reading... →

Six Things that can make UI Worse

INSERT IMAGE TAGSIt’s no surprise that too many drinks—whether water, milk, or other beverages—can be a problem for people with incontinence. However, you can’t solve incontinence by severely cutting back on fluids. This can lead to dehydration, constipation, and kidney stones, which can actually irritate your bladder and make symptoms worse. It is important to get the right balance, about two liters of fluid a day, which is eight 8-ounce glasses Continue reading... →

Yoga for Improving UI

INSERT IMAGE TAGSDid you know that certain yoga poses can actually reduce your symptoms of urinary incontinence? According to a new study published by Alison Huang at UCSF School of Medicine, a specialized yoga routine targeted at pelvic muscle health can help to reduce frequency of incontinence in women by up to 70%. Continue reading... →

Tips for Managing Incontinence at the Gym

INSERT IMAGE TAGSWith the new year comes that same old weight loss resolution. Here are some tips to help you manage UI while at the gym. Continue reading... →

Managing Incontinence During the Winter

INSERT IMAGE TAGSIf you experience urinary incontinence, the colder months can be a nightmare. With all the coughing and sneezing that naturally follows the winter season, you may be running for the bathroom more often than usual. Continue reading... →

A New Year, A New You: Dealing with UI in 2016

INSERT IMAGE TAGSHeadlines and articles encourage and give us plenty of helpful tips to make healthy lifestyle changes in the New Year. So when you are making your 2016 resolutions, whether it is eating healthier, losing weight, exercising more or in general taking better care of yourself, don’t forget about your bladder and pelvic floor. Continue reading... →

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